Sunday, October 07, 2007

to be a grown-up

the older i get, the more i think i should be feeling like a grown-up...however, i still seem to find myself in situations that seem strange because on the inside, i just feel like a litle kid. am i the only one who feels this way?

(just to put the following stories into context, keep in mind that i went to the store three times on the previous night for a variety of things that i would need for meals for the next couple days.)

something a grown up does that i do not: checks for all ingredients before beginning a recipe. today i dumped a box of cake mix into a bowl (okay - not exactly a recipe but you know what i mean) then before adding the wet ingredients, i thought ahead (!) and checked to be sure i had cupcake papers before starting. i did. so i poured in the oil and water and realized...i didn't have eggs. so i had to go to the store.

something a grown up does and i tried: make a list. i made a list of everything that i needed at the store so that i wouldn't have to go out again. i am hosting thanksgiving dinner at my house so i thought about what i'd need for that. i even thought forward to tuesday because i'm hosting another dinner that night. i made a long list. so far so good.

something a grown up can do that i cannot: estimate how much of something there is in a package. for example - i am planning to make a reciepe for tuesday that calls for 1 3/4 cups of sour cream. so at the store i look at the sourcream containers. you know them. tiny, medium, and yogurt container size. hmm...the medium didn't seem quite big enough so i got the large. at home? i'm sure the medium had more than 2 cups in it. why do i overestimate? who was at my place on fondue night and saw how many chocolates i'd bought to melt? case and point.

something a grown up does and i didn't: check to make sure you have everything on your list before leaving the store. it sounds easy. in fact, i'd thought that i had. but i forgot three items. oh well - at least they were tuesday items. they can wait.

back to the cupcakes with my eggs...stir stir stir. then i go to put out the cupcake papers in the muffin tin...i hadn't thought to actually count the cupcake papers when i checked them at the beginning of this story...and there were only 12.

back to the store.

it's painful to read - i know. doesn't this girl ever cook or prepare meals? (umm...) my aunts who read this are thinking, "are you related to judy?" haha. but as i am writing this out, i'm thinking...maybe it's not a "grown-up" thing. maybe i equate grown-ups to having things put together...but actually i may never be that way. i'm just this way. oh the psychoanalysis. but let me tell you - grown-up or little kid...i'm sick of going to the store for one more thing. but i still don't have everything i need. :)


Angela Haugo said...

I'm excited for whatever has 1 3/4cups of sour cream.

joy said...

Rebecca, THanks-giving dinner was great. Your dessert was sooooooooooo good! We had a really nice time.....thank-you

therachel said...

You sound like you have absolutely everything under control. When holidays/big meals come up, it is almost inevitable that one will have to make some emergency trips to the store to pick up forgotten/missed items. My suggestion for next time? Send Tim!

Bonnie said...

When I am forced to go back to the store for forgotten items, I often think about what a poor pioneer I would make! Only getting to town for supplies every six months! We'd be heading back to the homestead with our supplies in the wagon, and I'd be thinking - oh no - forgot the flour - no more bread for another six months!!
Even my parents only went to town for groceries once a week - how did they do that?? I'm on a first name basis with the bag guy at my nearby Save-On-Foods!
Aunt Bonnie