Monday, October 29, 2007

in lieu of halloween...

okay, so maybe you've seen these ones but they're still funny.
vivid memory of going to k-mart to pick out a mask with my dad and picking this one. his response? "don't you want a girl mask?" me - "no." and so i handed out candy at the door in this outfit. very scary. though good to see that at the time of this photo i wasn't gorging on candy but instead choosing celery.

the macdonalds were all about making your own costume. poor matt. i think he was a baseball player for the rest of his trick-or-treating years. haha.
since november 1st was always conveniently "bible dress up day", i usually had a costume that doubled. i was queen esther that year. minus the mask.

circa. 1990?
matt's memory of this halloween? some kid asking him "are you wearing pantyhose on your head?" this was maybe my least creative costume ever. black spandex, black sweatshirt, paper ears on the headband. angela showed up in a wooly sheep costume and put us all to shame.


therachel said...

I LOVE these pics. Not to be rude, but what IS Matt in that final pic? I can't quite figure it out.

Some years my mom made our costumes, but as we got older we were more responsible for getting a costume together. One year (I was in grad 4 or 5) I decided I wanted to go as a "business woman." Hee. My mom took me to Superfluity Thrift Shop and I ended up getting a sweet outfit that was a grey skirt with a pink top, but it was all it was actually a dress (what can I say, it was from the 80s). It also came with a grey blazer. Sa-weet.

Bec Shulba said...

matt's a dog. can't you see the "woof" on his shirt for clarification? haha.

Matt said...

Pantyhose over my face..... I had no shame.

Katie Marie said...

Oh, man! I LOVE those pictures! I laughed again when I saw them, thinking about Matt as a pumpkin in a garbage bag full of paper, and pantyhose on his head as a dog! It makes me miss home! I miss you guys even more! Matt is the cutest thing ever! Bec, I was a cat, too, one year, and I have to say your make up looked great! Happy Halloween (11 days ago now).