Sunday, October 21, 2007

painting the spare bedroom....finally

we've been planning to paint this room since the day we moved in. when we went and bought the paint for our kitchen this summer, we bought the paint for this room too. every weekend tim suggested painting and i shot it down. i'm not a big fan of painting. haha. but it was finally the day. and now it's done.
oops - forgot the before photo...but you can still see the pink and yellow.
during...i can only reach so high.

after! gray-blue-teal?
now that it's done and we moved the bed in (that's been sitting in our office since we got it from the charbonneaus!) tim says he doesn't like the colour. the mattress is blue which makes the walls look quite green. he thinks that the colour isn't relaxing. me? i'm afraid that when i buy bedding to match, i won't want to sleep in my own room anymore i love it so much! haha. hopefully it'll grow on him.
so who's coming out to stay with us first?


Ang said...

me! it's very relaxing, and you guys have wireless, there will be little need for me to leave.

therachel said...

I personally love the colour - it is the exact shade that I want to paint our bedroom. You guys are painting superstars. I seriously don't know how you manage to fit so much into your weekends, Bec...