Saturday, April 12, 2008

ahh...softball season...

i was a backcatcher. i had a great arm. i could catch anything. ...i was in grade six.

today i had high hopes for what my grade 6 skills could do for me as i walked onto the field with my new PPAC softball team. i was going to make those teammates happy i had joined.

my grade 6 skills let me down. apparently 14 years does that to skills. sure, i caught some hits, threw as hard as i could and tried to look like i knew what i was doing - but there were no joyful shouts from the regulars when they saw my skills.

maybe my hopes were too high. but hey - now i know where to stand if i'm the second baseman and now i know i'll have to stop running forwards for the flyballs that are actually way behind me and now i know i need to wear sunscreen on sunny days. i'm a quick learner.

matt says i'll get better. there's hope for the comeback of the grade 6 skills...maybe even more.


therachel said...

so, are you going to practice your skills with Matt or Tim? Is Tim on the team? I think you will be fantastic by the end of the season. Good for you for getting involved.

Anonymous said...

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first - and maybe several times. daddio