Wednesday, April 30, 2008

slowing down

after assessing the finances, i've decided it's time to slow down. driving. apparently, you can save a lot on gas if you don't drive over 110km/h. today i drove under 110km/h. it was like i was an old lady as people stared at me as they passed. i saw semi-trucks ahead of me but never caught up to them. it was very very difficult. but we'll see how this tank of gas lasts.

after assessing the finances, tim and i also decided that we cannot eat out for the month of may. that means tim hortons AND starbucks. painful.

so i'll be driving slow and i'll be angry because i'm not drinking my coffee on the way to work. look out world.


Ashlee said...

sounds like you and tim need an allowance system...that's what we do and i still get my starbucks anytime i want...provided i have allowance left :)

Anonymous said...

I also heard using cruise control helps out on saving gas.

rachel said...

maybe it's time to sneak your starbucks into your grocery budget - buy the beans or grounds, brew it yourself and invest in a portable mug.

Because a caffeine - deprived rebecca just isn't right.

liz said...

i have this thing you could borrow. it's called a coffee maker. it makes coffee, just like starbucks and tim hortons, but better.