Saturday, April 19, 2008

i don't get it

i read blogs of people i don't know. some of the blogs i found through magazines that recommended them. some of the bloggers have written books and want strangers to read their blogs. other blogs belong to friends of friends. you know how it goes.

my question today however, is how does one's blog acquire "famous" status. sure, if you're an author, it makes sense. BUT the "diet blogs" that i read that were in some health mag are not well written. they're kind of mundane. and they get over 50 comments per post. we (my friends and friends of friends) are better bloggers than this! we're funny and interesting. why aren't we famous? how does a blog GET famous? do you advertise? do you comment on other peoples' blogs and suggest they read your blog? if anyone could let me know how i could go about doing this - i'd be up for fame and 50 comments a post.


jeff said...

if you ever figure this out i'd love to know haha.

therachel said...

Hmmm...I don't know. Perhaps if you made your blog just about dieting or school or shopping, it would become more popular in that circle of folks? But you write about a diverse number of topics...which I like/appreciate. You are famous to me!

Ang said...

you need to have links to lots of strangers blogs off of your blog. then they might feel obligated to link to you. Then their random fans will find you and become your fan too.
Really though, it's far better to be famous for who you pretend to be (aka: all those expert on your interest blogs). When you open up your actual self to the world, it's a vulnerable spot to be. I would hate comments from people I don't know, because they are usually mean.
Unless you devote your blog to childhood nutrition or relationship help books. Actually those people are mean too.
Good luck with fame, however I will stop linking my blog to my comments if you do get famous. I can't handle the critique. Good traffic is friendly traffic.

therachel said...

ang has lots of blog-wisdom.

Joy said...

The reason some boring ones have a ton of comments is because for a lot of bloggers, it's all about advertising and marketing. They put ads on their blog and when people click them, they make money.The more traffic they get, the more potential for people clicking on their ads. So,people comment on others blogs because they leave their blog link at the end of their comment and, voila, free advertising.
The only reason I know all this is because Jonny is really into internet marketing.He's even actually made some money doing it.