Thursday, April 17, 2008

potter...harry potter.

so i'm in. it's not that i haven't wanted to read the harry potter series. there was just so much hype about it over the last few years that i hadn't been super interested right away but knew that one day fo sho i would read them. i'm a teacher - how can i not?

so i started on spring break. i have to wait for the books to come into the library so it has taken some time between books but i'm about to finish off the third one and it's pretty good. keeps you wanting to read. i think maybe putting more space between the books would keep you wanting even more. i'm impressed by the intelligent writing and great vocabulary rowling has used in kids books (though some might put the word kids in quotation marks). sometimes kids' books can be dumbed down. the main girl character's name was killing me though because i couldn't figure out how to pronounce it having never heard the name before. hermione. sure, you're laughing at me if you've been reading the books/watching the movies from the beginning but seriously...hermione? it's not spelled how it's pronounced. i finally rented the first movie to hear it and i'm still not convinced that that's really how you say it. (those of you who have never seen the name before and are thinking, "how DO you pronounce it?" - it's her-mine-ee) it's hard to change it in your head after you've read three books thinking it incorrectly - her-me-in. haha.

anyways, all these facebook statuses have been related to ending school pretty soon so i thought i'd give a suggestion of some fast reading that will relieve you from your textbooks.


rachel said...

oh, you are in for such a treat. Don't watch the movies first (obviously), but when the crazed first read of all the books has passed and you're looking for a little something potter, the third movie onwards are definitely worth watching.

I own the whole series if we could arrange for you to get them somehow - although a little lag time between books probably isn't a bad thing. I like to draw out good things.

And stay away from spoilers!

Alyssa said...

I had the same problem with her name. I totally thought is was her-me-own when I first read the book. Had to watch the movies before I could figure it out.

PS I finished Stargirl when I was in California. What a great book, I immediately lent it to Laura.

therachel said...

ah, I'm still resisting the H-Pot. I'm sure you'll convince me otherwise.

judymacd said...

"resisting the H-Pot"... ha ha -- that's priceless! you crack me up therachel :)

therachel said...

hey, judy mac...anything I can do to make your life funnier, I'm there.

Sharelle said...

this is the part where i shamelessly ask you to go to my blog to comment on my harry potter post.

and yes, i did also mispronounce Hermione's name for the first three books.

its a pretty embarrassing moment when you say it out loud to another HP reader, and realize how wrong you were.

anyway, go read, please be at LEAST one comment on my lame, (and ridiculously long HP post)