Thursday, April 03, 2008

cold turkey

so i WAS going to post a daniel larusso video here but i lamely can't figure out how to post youtube videos on my blog. so instead, a hundred points to the first person who can tell me who daniel larusso is (without googling, sharelle).

anyways, cold turkey. that is how i am going about cutting out snacks and sweets. i've been pretty lame (which apparently seems to be a personal theme lately) on counting my points and sticking to the plan. that's the nice way of saying that i've been eating very badly. we had some friends over the other night and they were talking about how for the last year, they've cut out sugar except for one treat a week. (and then i served them apple crisp and ice cream...oops) i got to thinking about this.

at first my thoughts were: i could totally cut out sugar (meaning refined sugar - not apples and such) but that's because sugar is not my downfall. my downfall is greasy, salty snacks. buttered popcorn, creamy dill chips, french fries! so i thought why bother with cutting out sugar?
then my thoughts evolved: i should cut out greasy, salty snacks.
then i ate a lot of crap on a little trip to seattle then came home the next day and ate more crap.
my thoughts developed into: i should cut out greasy, salty snacks AND sugar.
i'm so extreme.
anyways - done. it's begun. as of march 31, all the crap is gone for a month. (except for one treat a week) so far - it's been fantastic. it's so much easier for me to say no altogether instead of trying to limit a little bit. instead of saving 6 points for popcorn and butter, i can eat an apple, cheese, crackers, and an entire can of tomato soup made with milk. i'm much fuller.

so if you have me over for dinner this month (no, that's not a hint) and you serve me lemon merangue pie - please don't be offended when i decline. ;)

(as a side note to those of you counting points or trying to find healthy snacks - i've discovered All Bran bites. ONE point. one. and five grams of fibre. how can you go wrong? well...i guess you could go wrong if you buy them thinking they're going to be yummy. they're not bad but they're no blueberry muffin. definitely worth one point with the cup of coffee.)


Anonymous said...
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therachel said...

1. i don't know who daniel larusso is.
2. i'm proud of you.