Friday, January 02, 2009

they're married!

what a DAY! this morning i woke up to pouring rain and lightning. oh no. but after breakfast the rain subsided and we hoped for the best while we pushed the water off the roof of the tent. as the tables were set and vases were filled, the clouds began to break and what would you know? cue the song: here comes the sun. (which fittingly was the song that Ang walked down the aisle to)

it was the most beautiful day that we've had in hawaii! and Ang and Domi got married on it!

by the time the girls were getting ready upstairs in our ocean view room, it was HOT out and we were trying to keep cool so that our make up wouldn't melt off...on january 1! it was amazing. lynn, alyssa, and karlin did some of the nicest wedding hair and makeup i've experienced - and i was one of the beneficiaries of these talents. it was like a carmindy make-over. :)

but if you want to picture it (pre-mass facebook photo posting by everyone here), imagine a big white tent with strings of white lights around the periphery, big white lanterns hanging down the middle of the tent and fuschia parasols, lit up with lights, also hanging in the inside of the tent for a pop of colour. three long white tables with green runners, bamboo placemats, square white plates, and brown cloth napkins. then imagine orchids everywhere. we had too MANY orchids. orchids are easily attainable in hawaii apparently. very beautiful.

when ang told me that her family was going to "just do the food ourselves" but then showed me pictures in magazines of what she imagined it would look like? i was skeptical. but Ang's mom and dad and their sisters rocked the kitchen today. i would rate it high, high, high in my ratings of wedding food. (and i'm not just writing that because i know ang will read this...haha.) bbq-ed chicken and prawn kabobs, roasted red potatoes, grilled vegetables, many types of salads, among other things.

you'll see the pics of Ang's gorgeous dress, the bamboo arch overlooking the ocean, and the hot pink bridesmaids...but not on this blog for the next little while. i lied. i'm not uploading pics because i didn't bring my cord. so you'll have to wait. hopefully the wait is worth it. :) it was a fantastic day and i'd better just quit this post because words can't do it justice.

happy new year!


therachel said...

I'm SO GLAD to hear that the wedding was great - what an amazing blessing to be in the sunshine for this great day. I am eagerly anticipating all the photos, b/c I know this was an AMAZING day. Thanks for the update, Bec!

ashlee said...

sounds unbelievable...can't wait for the pictures!