Thursday, March 12, 2009

need tupperware?

last night i attended my first tupperware party.  

and let's face it...i'm an easy sell.  i should run the opposite way from parties that want to sell me something.  

*insert motivation to buy tupperware story here*  the other day we had people over and i thought i would spontaneously "whip up some cookies" for dessert.  i began by pulling the beat up packages of baking stuffs out of my messy pantry.  the brown sugar was rock hard.  but i thought, ahh...i'll just use white sugar.  how different could it be?  and on the recipe went.  i got to the chocolate chips which i knew i had in the pantry.  i went in only to find the chocolate chip bag empty.  umm...dried cranberries anyone?  they were very pale, cranberry cookies... yeah...this is my typical baking experience. 

but back to the party.  it was great.  and i now love tupperware.  i wanted it all.  who are we kidding...i NEEDED it all!  but i limited myself to beginning my pantry collection with two rectangle containers for things such as flour and ahem...brown sugar.  and then, since it was half price, i bought a 7-piece heat and serve collection.  they can go straight from freezer to microwave if necessary.  they're so great.  

and the party vibe?  sure, it was mostly people i didn't know but it was great.  and that is pretty crazy coming from me.  the tupperware lady was young and great and baked a cake in tupperware in the microwave.  how can you doubt that good times were had by all?  i think we should be having more of these parties.  

AND our tupperware lady made me want to be a tupperware salesperson.  in fact, i couldn't fall asleep for a couple hours because i was so hopped up on the idea.  and then i dreamed about it al night.  you'd have tupperware party if i was your tupperware lady, wouldn't you?  flashback moment...  :)


ashlee said...

i LOVE tupperware...i think i need to buy more but somehow i can't justify the $300+ if would cost me to organize my pantry. i'd have a party if you were a tupperware
lady :)

theRachel said...

REBECCA SHULBA, THIS IS THE VOICE OF REASON: resist the urge to become a tupperware saleslady. Trust me.

I also love tupperware. So good.

Ang the optimistic said...

Run! Don't walk! there are a gazillion ladies trying to make a buck doing "parties". Very few make any money. Believe me, I see them all at the shows I go to. They aren't having fun, they are trying to trick every person they meet into having a party for them.
This is coming from a person (me), who for the most part, likes parties. But I hate getting hassling phone calls from the sales ladies I have met that want me to sell their wares at my house.
Obviously if you were selling something I'd have a party for you, once, but not every week like you would need to make enough. Don't get sucked into their sales lady enthusiasm, they are trained to make you want to join them! :)

Margaret said...

Oh I love tupperware too! But I buy the cheap-o versions at grocery stores. I think it's best to have many different sizes.

Gina said...

SO good! I love your flashback moment!

Under His Wings said...

Loved this post Rebecca. I too love Tupperware and back in the day I gradually overhauled my pantry and replaced the plastic bags,etc with their stackable containers. Tupperware stands behind their products and even today if a lid breaks I can get it replaced for nothing. That's worth something to me.
I was never tempted to become a consultant but i was pretty big on hpsting parties for friends ( and i would certainly have a party for you!). I found parties a way to connect with my neighbours and the moms of my kids' friends whom i was always trying to develop my relationships with. I was low key about sales, often saying "just come even if you're not interested in buying..." and people often did. Sometimes the salesladies were surprised at how many people were in attendence and yet how little sales!! Parties enabled me to restock my pantry with not too much of my own money spent.
As far as being a mom goes though -that's a different matter altogether. When the baby comes into your life, a whole new room will open in your heart that you don't even know exists yet. And you can totally be the mom!!
Love, Aunt Bonnie
ps this is really too long to be a blog comment - but i got carried away. thanks for the flashback post - somehow I missed that one.

theRachel said...

Aunt Bonnie - it's never too long for a blog comment. The fellow comment-ers get to benefit from your wisdom!

rachel said...

So here's the straight facts from someone who's been in direct sales 'doing parties' the past three months. I _am_ having fun doing my parties. :) I love what Creative Memories does and what it stands for. I'm making about $400 a month (3-4 parties a month, including one of my own) - although I'm not seeing any of those profits yet because we had to buy a new laptop for me to show my software at my events, and there were some products I wanted to purchase to show at my parties. But am I enjoying those profits when I scrapbook on my gorgeous laptop? You bet! And do I love the frames and albums I have in my home now? Yuppers.

Is it work? Absolutely. How much do I make per hour of work? Probably less than $10 and hour. But I'm home with my babies, and I can now justify scrapbooking as 'work' lol. It's a way to bring in a little money for me and my family that doesn't involve donning a blue Wal-Mart vest three nights a week. And it's a way for me to meet new women and tell the stories of what God is doing in the life of my family. So it's an awesome fit for me and where I'm at in my life.

Here's what you ask yourself about becoming a tupperware salesperson:

1. What's in the starter kit? Is it product you want to buy anyways? How much is it - how much would you save?
2. What's your discount as a sales lady? How much would you save if you purchased everything you want at this discount?
3. How do you feel about the gal who will be your upline? By signing to be a saleslady you join her team. Do you think it would be a positive experience to work with her for however long you stay a sales lady?
3. She will want you to try doing a party of your own with your friends. From her POV this is a great way for you to get your feet wet and see how fun it can be to make a profit. Will she come and help you with your first party? Would you be excited about showing this product to your friends?
4. How long does your saleslady status last? How much retail do you need to order to stay active and for how long? How much retail would you want/be able to purchase for your own use? How long could you stay active (and keep your discount) with your own pruchases alone? (and does Judy love the stuff? moms are great silent business partners:)

Signing with a direct sales company can be a no-brainer way to get the product you love at a significant discount - even if you don't see yourself working the business. The key is the person you sign with - does she seem like the pressuring type, or will she let you make your business what you want? Her style will be influenced by the Tupperware style of sales - if the company is pressuring her to sign recruits or make sales, she'll be prone to do the same thing.

You know what I'd say? Do it. And call me if you need help working the sysytem. :)

Looks like long commenting runs in the family.