Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring is (?)

(stolen photo from google images)

ok...i don't want to jinx it buuutttt...

i had the most surreal spring walk yesterday.  it was sunny and i only had to wear my lulus and my hoodie.  i walked by a mom with her newborn in a sling.  i walked past a dad riding bikes with his two little kids.  the crocuses were everywhere.  people, washing their cars,  smiled at me as i walked by.  a lady worked in her garden.  a grandpa and his grandson were cleaning out their garage.  the grandpa said hi and, pointing at his grandson, said "this is what you get to look forward to!"  there were tiny pink buds on the cherry blossom trees.  the sun kept shining.  if there had only been a really great song playing, i would have sworn i was in a movie.  

i think it's here.  now if only i wasn't so sore after only walking for 22 minutes.  :) 


theRachel said...

It sounds like you were in a commercial! Glad the weather is lovely out west...not so much here in Edmonton.

Sharelle said...

it's funny, because i never thought i liked spring. it just reminded me of rain, and bad pastel shirt purchases.

but this year, i know exactly what you mean. maybe it was a long winter or something, because i feel the freshness, and delight in the all seems so lovely.

(and today, it rains again)