Sunday, March 29, 2009

baby room...a new series

well our office has been cleared out (except for the desk we're attempting to sell) and the walls have been painted.

the plan had always been to paint the room blue but the bedding that i bought from has a lot of blue. and our other upstairs bedroom is blue. we held up the bedding in the blue room and it looked okay. (and i do have another pic that i can't figure out how to rotate) but then we held it up to the yellow wall in the office and hey, what do you know? it doesn't look so bad.we thought we'd do a bit different shade of yellow and we bought Behr Mustard Seed.

friday was painting day. (yes, i checked with my doctor first) and while it was very clear that we were painting a different shade of doesn't really how up in the pictures. :) and we thought we were going for a paler yellow but somehow ended up with quite a bright yellow. later after painting, tim went into the room to check it out and came out saying, "well, it's not a relaxing colour..." but it's growing on us. hopefully baby shulba will be okay with it. :)


ang said...

the bedding is so cute!

theRachel said...

I agree with Ang - I'm partial to the whales! Love that bedding!

Cousin Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!

I love that colour for the walls!
And the bedding is sooo cute!!! :)