Tuesday, March 03, 2009

sun peaks

tim said i can't guilt people into commenting...but thanks sharelle, rach, and sarah. :) haha

so this past weekend, i spent a pregnant weekend at sun peaks in kamloops, bc. we rented a two bedroom condo off craigslist (yikes!) and took matt and katie along with it. it was the weekend of tim's life, according to him. he had a fantastic day of skiing with matt and katie and THEN the outdoor skating rink had drop in hockey. tim and matt had brought their gear and after a day of skiing (tim's first all season) they spent two hours on the ice playing hockey...while it snowed lightly. very picturesque.

what did i do? i read and napped. at one point i put on my outdoor clothes to attempt to walk to the village and then gave up before getting out the door. we went to the village the next day. haha.

but we had a very nice time and i tried to snap a couple pics to record the event...

me at the door saying, "smile!"...it's a little dark.

the only jacket that zips up on me - tim's fleece.


theRachel said...

What books did you read this weekend? I hope you feel well-rested after this lovely little "mini-break," as Bridget Jones would call it.

Under His Wings said...

Great to hear from you and glad you are taking time for yourself. What a treat that you and Matt are good friends and even although you are both now married, you still enjoy hanging out together, with your spouses. I too wonder what you are reading. I am having some trouble getting interesting books here and may need to track down a bookstore. I couldn't bring books with me - too heavy. My scrapbooking stuff alone took up so much space! Blessings!