Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ahh. that's a sigh of relief. i was SO ready for this spring break.

and you know how christmas break goes by SO fast that everyday you're thinking, "where is the time going?"?

spring break has a different vibe. at least it does at my house. i feel like i've been breaking forever and it's technically only been a couple days.

stay tuned for rebecca's spring break activities. :)


Cousin Sarah said...

Hey Rebecca!

I am pretty lucky. I have two weeks for march break. :)

But you are right about how march break goes slower than Christmas break. Only this week I was thinking that same thing. hmm... we are reading each other's minds.

theRachel said...

I'm very excited for you that you have such a lovely spring break - 2 whole weeks! This is always great, but especially so in the year that you are pregnant. I'm excited to see the new baby room!