Monday, April 06, 2009

odds and ends...

5 more weeks until i'm done work.

my friend just had a baby this weekend and she had the same doctor that i have. she said he was SOOO great and encouraging. phew. always nice to hear.

it's SO warm out today! how nice. tim is mowing the lawn right now.

my mother in law made me a number of containers of spaghetti sauce awhile back and it's so good. it's what i'm defrosting tonight for dinner. so easy.

i wore a dress to work today for the first time in my life.

the other day the baby was kicking so i pushed back. then he pushed. then i pushed. and it went on for quite a few minutes. it made me a little more excited to have this baby.

my latest favourite show (if you've hung out with me, you've heard me talk too much about it) is DOG the Bounty Hunter. it plays on both A&E and OLN. i never even knew there were bail bonds people out there posting bail for criminals let alone the fact that if they didn't show up for their court dates, they could be chased down and maced. and also, so interesting about the show, is the family relations of the bounty hunters. i love it. if you haven't seen it, you should watch an episode. and then when you hake your head and wonder why rebecca likes this show, watch one more episode and you'll be hooked.

i'm finally nearing the end of the harry potter series. i have not been as keen on the books as most others that i know...i've been reading them quite slowly and leaving months in between books. but i have the last 2 books out of my school's library and plan to have them read in the next 5 weeks. interesting stuff.

eww...the lawnmower is make the air smell like gasoline and the smell is floating in the back door into my kitchen. yuck. we need a new lawnmower. but it's definitely not at the top of the "things to buy soon" list.

in case you're wondering what IS at the top of that's a crib.

this weekend, i went to a kidswap and bought a load of onesies to go under baby shulba's sleepers. apparently that's what you do. i'm new at this. but i bought 9 onesies for $4 (yeah, they're pretty used but i've heard you go through lots of them) and then i found a table where the onesies were like NEW so i bought 5 more for $10. i'm good to go on the onesies i guess. :)

yep, those are the thoughts for the moment. i figured i'd just lump them altoghether since none would make for a full post by themselves. :)


theRachel said...

I wish I was there to "push back" the little Timbit! Awww...sad.

Love the onesie bargains! Rock on, mama!

I also love this odds and ends update.

ashlee said...

i'm with rachel...i love random thoughts :)

Gina said...

I do love it when the babies push back!

Joy said...

We had the whole family over yesterday for Easter dinner and we showed Grandma your blog. She read your latest post and thought it was funny. Janice explained to her what "onesies" were. We showed her your latest painting pictures and I think both Grandma and Grandpa couldn't believe how much the little guy has grown since they saw the last pictures your mom sent of you. It's too bad they weren't more interested in getting a computer (although I don't know if they could even get internet at the farm) because I think Grandma would really enjoy reading your blog more!