Wednesday, April 29, 2009

runny babbit

have you read that book by shel silverstein called, "runny babbit"? it is a book of poetry all about runny but in almost every line, the first letter of two words are switched. for example, runny babbit is bunny rabbit. we're studying shel silverstein poetry this month and one day all the kids had to interpret one of these poems. today one of my students suggested at lunch that i write a runny babbit poem about my baby. i said, "okay." 15 minutes into computer class, there was a poem on the board for them.

The jaby's name was Back.
He was the butest coy.
He met his mom in May
And he jought her lots of broy.

One day he tew a grooth
And it made him ly a crot.
He put on too many undershirts
And it hade him very mot.

Mrs. Hulba was not shappy.
Her saby was so bad.
Then she realized what the problem was
And now she's gleeling fad.

She picked up jittle Lack
And she gave him a hig bug.
She changed his delly smiaper
And snapped him up all wrug.

Tood gimes.


theRachel said...

Tood gimes indeed, Mrs. Shulba!

Are you really naming the baby Jack?

judymacd said...

wow.. that's impressive! Pran will be joud ;)

jan said...

bec -

that's AMAZING!

Jeat Grob!

PS - Good one J1! ;)

Alyssa said...

I think you should become a children's author!!

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