Monday, April 20, 2009

michaels...gets me everytime

i heart crafting.  i love  i wish to be bestfriends with soulemama.  when i go to the library, i sit in the magazine section and pour over the scrapbooking magazines.  i went to michaels today and lost track of time walking around very slowly, picking up things i do not need then setting them down when i find the next thing that i do not need.  

yet, despite all this hearting, i cannot become a crafty person.  i tried.  i bought a scrapbook for my first year of teaching but i never finished.  i bought a scrapbook for my second year of teaching.  i also never finished that.  i took a sewing class in hopes of sewing my own flowy shirts or making simple quilts.  i never touched the sewing machine again after the class was done.  i once cut over 100 squares out of magazines, put them together into a collage laid out on a poster board and then left the posterboard sitting perched on the top of the bookshelf in the office for 6 months.  (eventually i did glue them down and the collage is hanging in my kitchen...)  

why?  WHY?  

but i'm trying again.  i was duped into buying another scrapbook.  this one was an "as is" 11x8.5 inch, green, martha stewart album.  i bought a couple pendants and necklaces.  i have plans to return and buy paper that i already drooled over today.  sigh.  i heart crafting.  


Cousin Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!

I love Micheal's! It is really hard to go in and not buy something! Good luck with your scrapbook!

Under His Wings said...

Hi Rebecca - I also love Michael's! They make you believe you can do crafts! But it's easier to do a project like a scrapbook if you have a friend come over for a scrapbooking day, which includes special snacks and coffees! Having a big block of time so you can spread everything out and get some momentum going is key. Also, the scrapbook is more manageable if you lay out all the photos first in the right order, and arrange them in groups of 5 or 6 or however many you think you can get on a page. That way you see the big picture, and don't get part way through and come across a photo that you wish was on an earlier page! Been there and done that! Have fun!
love Aunt Bonnie