Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ok, the kicking is getting old...

maybe pregnant women are not supposed to say this. but on april 6, i posted about the baby kicking and me pressing back and him pressing out and it was all wonderful and great.

i'm tired of it now. this weekend, i swear, the baby grew. all of a sudden, he's stretching out against my stomach and not pulling his feet back in. i can't lay down without him rolling around for awhile and finding a new position. i'm sure it's crowded in there and hard to get comfortable but wow, the pushing of his whole body out against me? it's too strange. i guess it's not painful per se but the other night i was laying on the couch making little gasps every so often when he'd stick his foot out and then i'd push it back in and finally after what felt like forever, he'd stopped moving. tim asked me if i wanted to lean on him (my head was at the other end of the couch) and i burst into tears saying i didn't want to move because i might wake up the baby and he'd start kicking again. oh man...i may not be cut out for this. imagine if i can't get my baby to stop crying or he won't feed or something - i'm going to be a mess.

also, if you've spent any time with me, you'll know that i'm often saying, "look at my stomach right now - he's moving." and then you look, and nothing is happening. he's moving so much and you can see it from the outside but for some reason, he stops when i tell someone to look. in fact, if you were here right now as i write this, i'd be saying to you, "look! he's moving. can you see it?" i should probably stop telling people to look. i'll be known as the girl who cried wolf...or... baby.

no, i know i should most definitely not be complaining as there are many who have difficulty concieving. a friend of mine recently lost her baby three months in. i am very thankful that i've had such a good pregnancy and am constantly in awe of how God created our bodies to do such crazy crazy things.

and if you're hanging out with me and staring at my stomach, i won't be offended. i'll assume you read this post.


Margaret said...

Well, at least after you give birth he won't be kicking you anymore!

theRachel said...

Whatever you do, don't shake the baby. Just walk out of the room (unless said baby is atop the change table or some other such precarious position), take some deep breaths, count to 10 (or 20!) and give 'er one more try.

I would be not only staring at but constantly touching your belly. You are probably secretly relieved I live so far away. Ha.

rachel said...

Take your hormones into account - your emotions will stabilize within a few weeks of your pregnancy... and have Judy on speed dial until then. :)