Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh science fairs...

at school for the last week and half or so, we've been working on mini-science projects. the idea i had when i started this was that kids would get a little taste of how to set up an experiment with a hypothesis and present their findings.

our "science fair" is on friday afternoon. i invited parents and the rest of the school. so far 10 classes have responded that they are coming. umm...that's over 200 people that will be in our classroom over a 1 and a half hour period. woah. this is no agassiz.

today we worked on our science project posters/research from recess until lunch. phew. i hope we're ready by friday.


judymacd said...

You're going to have to have bouncers at the door, and only allow a few kids in at a time.. and as some leave, allow a few more in.. like grand openings of a new store ;) You've started something big... have fun!

Cousin Sarah said...

I have had a lot of Science fairs at my school. They are so much work! But they are always a lot of fun. Good luck :)