Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HeartWorks Jewelry...check it

so remember when i posted about the jewelry that my friend and i had bought from gail nesimiuk? gail has moved back to thailand for the next 6 months but i've been entrusted with a ton of her jewelry and i've created a place online that you can go and have a look!

right now, HeartWorks Jewelry is limited to a facebook fan page but maybe in the future, it will become something more. all net proceeds from every piece of jewelry goes to Loaves and Fishes - gail's ministry helping kids in crisis in burma. she has designed many, many of the pieces and also has collected beautiful pieces from thailand and burma.

there's a button on the facebook page to become a fan. why should you become a fan? there will be updates of new jewelry, sales, and updates about gail. if you're a fan, you'll be privy to these updates and the first on the list to get the latest and greatest pieces.

how's it work? well let's's been up and running for exactly one day. but the idea was that gail needed a place online for people to see what she has for sale. now we have that! maybe you will see a piece that you love - then you click on my link (my name) below that photo and send me a message and we work out how to get that piece to you. (meet up, mail, through someone we both know...whatever works.) or maybe you like the flower designs but would like to see them in real life - again, just click on my link and we can set something up. it may sound a little rough but we'll work it out.

please check it out!

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