Friday, October 30, 2009

price is wrong

okay...this seems silly to post BUT it was too unbelievable.

today on the price is right, at the final showcase, the first woman had two within-US trips AND a trip to london, england. she bid $4200. i was like, "whaaat? oh well, she must not know what trips cost." because you know, sometimes the trip-showcases are quite low...umm...but not that low.

anyways...the next showcase (always the better of the two) was an HD home theatre, movies, ipod, and a car. the guy's like..."hmm...42...hundred dollars." drew was staring at him, "42 HUNDRED dollars?" the guy nods, "4 thousand 2 hundred dollars."

at this point, i'm screaming at the tv, "WHAAAT?!?!" and ben is staring at me. so these two idiots both bid $4200 on their showcases. after the commercial break, both of them looked like they'd figured out their mistake. the trip showcase was $19,ooo. the car showcase? $44,000. so the trip woman won. that guy is never going to live it down.

yes. this was my morning so far.

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Megan Thiessen said...

that is crazy! The car alone would probably have been over $25,000. None of them should have won because obviously they are not aware of the way things are priced. It is amusing picturing you yelling at the tv & your son being confused by it all.