Tuesday, October 27, 2009

time zones

i had a brilliant idea about ben's bedtime in ontario. i thought, since his sleep schedule is about 6 to 6 every night, why not keep it on BC time while out east...which would be 9 to 9. stay up late in the evenings to visit and sleep in in the mornings. brilliant.

the first night, he did 8 to 8. then 7 to 7 for a night or two. and then, as much as we tried to push him, 6 to 6. how did he know? thankfully, he's been sleeping his normal 12 hours despite all the bedtimes at different houses only to be woken up and brought back to our home base.

time zones - babies can tell when you're in a different one.


Alyssa said...

Hurray for a post! I feel like Ben did better adjusting to the time difference than I did on my last trip out east. Maybe when you're not constantly calculating what time it is back home you adjust quicker. Anyway I'm glad he's still getting lots of good sleep.

theRachel said...

Wait a second...are you guys back now? If so, YES! I'm so glad!

janinedykstra said...

I knew that would happen. Tyson did the exact same thing. But he got really screwed up. He woke up more for me. Hopefully Christmas is better.

judymacd said...

sorry, rach.. the gang isn't back until 11pm tomorrow night (Wed.) It seems like weeks and weeks!!