Thursday, October 15, 2009

mirror, mirror, on the backseat...

when i was pregnant, i thought, "i should buy a mirror for the backseat so i can see him in his carseat". then i saw that they were about $20 so i decided i'd wait and see if i really wanted one when he was actually born.

a few weeks into ben's life, i went to walmart for a hopefully cheaper version of the mirror i'd seen earlier. no such luck. $20. for some reason, i felt this was too steep.

and months have gone by. and i've held mirrors in my hand while i walked around the store only to leave them behind. why i thought this was so expensive...i don't know. i drop $20 on other things without a blink.

finally, at 3 1/2 months, i bought a mirror at sears. i put it in my car and THIS IS THE BEST THINGS EVER! when he's quiet, i can tell if he's sleeping or just looking out the window. when i hear little squeaks, i can see if it's happy squeaks or on the verge of crying squeaks. WHY did i wait?

if you're a mom without a mirror...hold off no longer. it's worth every penny.

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SheenaConverse said...

That's awesome. Going on my Christmas list this year :)