Monday, October 05, 2009

i heart the library

i've posted about loving the library before but now that i have a kid, i cannot wait to take him to the library and sign up for different programs etc, etc. i grabbed a "programs for kids" flyer the other day when i was there and discovered a program called "Baby Time". it's 20 minutes long for 4 fridays in october. you bring your child (aged newborn to 23 mo.) and there are songs and poems, and literature. yes...for babies. 20 minutes? it doesn't matter if it's supposed to be naptime - i'm sure ben can handle 20 minutes.

it said in the flyer that we had to call to sign up before october 2. i called on october 1st. apparently, the class is full and i was the last one to get in. woohoo! so i was totally pumped. the woman on the phone said that it doesn't matter if our babies cry or sleep or whatever - it's mostly a class for the parents to learn some rhymes and songs for their children. sounds good.

when i went to bed on thursday night, i figured out that if ben does his usual 7am wake up, then nap from about 8:30 - 9:30, then a 10:30 class should work out fine. but friday morning, ben woke up at 5am instead. i put him in my bed thinking maybe he'd sleep a little longer (because he's done so before) but no. he was ready to get up. shoot. the whole schedule is off.

so the morning drags on when we have somewhere to go because i'm just watching the clock. of course, ben needed a nap right when we needed to go so i put him down around 9:30 hoping for a 30 - 40 minute catnap. instead, it takes him until 10am to fall asleep. now i'm going to have to wake him up to get out of the house at 10:20 in order to be at the library by 10:30. so i'm pacing around. i had his clothes ready by the swing (umm...because that's where he was sleeping...more on the sleep saga another day) and the carseat was right there too, ready for the transfer. i had the diaper bag packed. at 10:15, was just standing in the dining room staring off into space. i picked up my waller off the table and found that library flyer underneath. i looked at the little info paragraph again. "beginning october 9th".

whaaat? after all the panic, i was a whole week early. thank goodness i didn't wake ben up only to take him to the kid's department of the library, asking for the baby time class, and be told that "it's next week, miss." oh man.

and ben slept until 11am.


theRachel said...

I'm glad you're starting Ben early at the library. I also heart the library. Of course.

rachel said...

I also heart the library! The nearest city is 12 min away, so we do a trip 'into town' once a week - and always make a stop at the library part of our outing with our babes. Yesterday I got Shel Silverstein's 'Rhinosorus for Sale' and when I read it to Nevin that evening he laughed and laughed. I think he's gonna be a reader.

and I'll totally read stories of your sleep woes. It's a major obsession of every mom, not just you.

Margaret said...

Apparently fetuses are stimulated by rhyming poetry, so surely Ben will get something out of these classes. We may just have an English major in the making!

Laurie Newbigging said...

so typical of you to get the date wrong though....HAHA oh Becs....glad it was next week not last week!