Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the best part of month 7...

today ben is 8 months. it's hard to believe and i've been here everyday. things that i loved about this past month:

> beginning to use grocery carts at stores
> lots of babbling and squealing
> moving to three longer naps
> waving arms when he's excited
> whistling (yes, if you whistle, he whistles)
> getting moving
> starting to use a highchair
> going in the pool for the first time

what a huge month it's been. ben loves being around other kids (and playing with their toys!) and being out of the house to look at new things. knowing that crawling was coming soon, we painted the living room/dining room/hallway and not a day too soon. if all of this happened in just one month, it makes me excited for what the 8th month will bring.


Grandma Judy said...

happy birthday ben boy... you're a cutie patootie..

Margaret said...

Your kid can whistle? I'm impressed. Video please!

theRachel said...

Yes, happy 8 months, Ben! Let's see an update picture in the blog headder, ok, Bec?