Tuesday, February 23, 2010

too many cheerios...

i told you a week ago about how ben was uninterested in his cheerios if they were right in front of him. we'll call that day one.

day two: picked up cheerios then dropped them. ate them if i put them in his mouth but made a face.

day three: picked up cheerios and held in his hand for awhile before dropping. enjoyed them if i put them in his mouth and began making a chewing motion.

day four: picked up cheerios and tried to put them in his mouth but could rarely get them out of his chubby little fist. success rate of about 30%. opened his mouth for me to put them in.

day five: used a tiny pincer grip to get cheerios into his mouth. successful about 60% of the time.
which brings us to today...day six: used pincer grip to get cheerios into his mouth. so successful that he began getting every cheerio in...which meant more than one at a time.

six days. babies learn so quickly and it makes everyday so different than the next. one day he's up on his knees, the next day there's one knee forward then fall, the next day there's three knee "steps", the next day he goes from crawling to walking! okay...it's not THAT fast but in baby time, it seems like it's so quick. unfortunately with the cheerios, more than one cheerio at a time meant a few gagging/throw ups today. i've taken a step back and am now only giving him one at a time instead of put a handful in front of him. :) i guess this is where the term "baby steps" comes from...

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theRachel said...

Ohhh Cheerios. That Ben is one smart cookie!