Thursday, February 18, 2010

thoughts on survivor

so i finally caught up with survivor tonight as it was my first thursday in a couple weeks with no tupperware party. i hadn't even seen who was on the show except for colby (which was enough for me to watch). i figured that i've missed so many seasons that many of the people i wouldn't know but i was suprised by the number of familiar faces.

in the first opening theme song as they flashed the heroes' faces across the screen, i was like, "james? cirie? these weren't heroes!" where's ethan?

and then james threw a couple tantrums (proving my "these aren't heroes" gut reaction) which reminded me how great tom was (though i don't think i watched too religiously that season) as well as colby of course.

i also remembered how fantastic boston rob is - i loved him not only in survivor but even more so after he married amber and went on amazing race! and he was in true form tonight lifting giant crates up staircases singlehandedly. as for the rest of villians, i don't recognize most of them. though jerri is looking angelic so far. pretty happy that johnny fairplay isn't in that group - that might keep me from watching.

pretty excited to be back into survivor but it's unfortunate that all the shows that i want to watch are all on one night. i already community, parks and recreation, the office, 30 rock and then my taped grey's anatomy. where am i going to fit in survivor? but don't you worry - i'll make it work. ;)


Megan Thiessen said...

yay, another survivor fan! I tape it as well as we usually have stuff on Thursday nights. I was impressed how well the "villian" tribe came together in the challenge. I think some people are on the wrong teams. It will be an interesting season...I've watched them all. That's a lot of time spent the last 10 years of my life watching that show. haha.

Margaret said...

That's what I thought when I saw Coach on the villain team. He was all about "honor" and "changing the game." He was so gullible JT was able to back-stab him two or three times before he caught on!

Under His Wings said...

Glad you're watching Survivor. This season is shaping up to be soooo interesting. I saw a "preview" show the week before this season started and Ethan was interviewed. Since winning his season he's married another survivor contestant from another season that he met through some survivor alumni event ( if I remember corrrectly) but he has also had cancer and is recovering from the therapy. I agree Cirie is on the wrong team - this is her third outing and she was always a ruthless schemer who sowed discord whenever it suited her. The villains are fun to watch. Russell thought he was the best at this game in his season, but he's running with the big dogs now, and he's pretty unimpressive. The intriguing thing about being on a team of all villains is - who can you trust? Ha!