Sunday, February 28, 2010

blogging lapse

ok, i'm falling behind on the daily posting...what to blame, what to blame...ben's been sick. and it's been his first sickness that has made him a whiny, clingy baby which is very exhausting. and as bad as i feel for him, there are moments in the day that i think, "when is this day going to end?!" we went to the walk-in on monday and the doctor said that it's just a cold but a week later, that cough is too horrible to not see a doctor again. i think we'll go back on monday.
but i really can't blame that because he goes to bed at 6pm. what to about the olympics? i'd been looking forward to going downtown with tim this past friday and my mom was going to babysit ben. then it was pouring rain. we hummed and haaed (?) all morning and decided at 10am that we'd go. we drove to white rock, dropped off that cranky boy (phew!) and got on the bus to go to the skytrain. it's a bit of a process. we get down to waterfront, take our photo in front of the cauldron and walk around in the rain. after an hour or so, tim says, "well we probably want to get going if we're going to be home in time for the hockey game..." blank stare. is it a little ironic that we rushed home FROM the olympics to WATCH olympics on our tv?
so the olympics didn't take that much from blogging time. no. what about tupperware? i've been trying to keep up with the tupperblog for my tiny amount of readers. i'm starting a series of a few posts about items that are changing/leaving as we switch over to the new catalog. check it out! but there were no parties this weekend so tupperware is really not to blame.

i'm the only one to blame. maybe you're thinking, "i didn't even notice that you'd fallen behind, bec, because it's only been a couple days..." but i've been attempting to be a daily poster this year. so here we go again - got start a blogging streak somewhere.


theRachel said...

Well, I had definitely noticed your absence, and I was very sad about it. My google reader just isn't the same without a daily update from your blog!

That pic of Ben is pretty priceless...what a pained look on his face. Poor little guy.

Matt said...

I like the pic of ben, and the box with a super happy baby on the front of it. He just wasn't resembling it at the time.