Saturday, February 20, 2010

i made it to vancouver

after seeing a billion photos of friends who are hitting up downtown everyday it seems, i finally got down there on friday night. i'd bought tickets to see the stars before even realizing it would be during the olympics. it was a gorgeous, gorgeous day which turned into a gorgeous evening.

saw the cauldron...behind this fence...

met up with some canadians and americans

saw hey rosetta rock the orpheum and immediately bought their album on itunes today
(gotta love rock bands with cellos and violins)

saw stars for the second time - man, their voices blend like no others.
when our concert ended at 11pm, we went to robson square for the lights thing...this photo makes it look a little like things are on fire but it's post fireballs...yes, there were fireballs. as you can see by the crowd, 11pm doesn't mean it's time to go home.

we went and found said the whale and watched most of that concert outside at robson square but i was mostly focused on the crowd surfers and the ice skaters behind them. (and for those of you not from vancouver area, that ice rink is there all the time - not just during the olympics)

my partners in crime on friday night. alyssa and sharelle - thanks for the good times.


theRachel said...

WOW! This looks like you guys definitely had a fantastic evening. Wish I could've been there to join in. I'm glad you made it into Van for the Games!

Hanners said...

bmac. so happy you caught the olympic spirit... am sad not to be there and patriotic with you.