Friday, February 19, 2010

a few shops for you...

everyday, i spend a little time on etsy. it's a great place for inspiration. AND even when you factor in shipping - to canada - there are still some really good prices considering it's all handmade. so if you're interested, here are a couple of my shops that i love:

Red Airplane- Eco-friendly Wooden Toy- Imagination Kids

mama mel loves (i bought ben this t-shirt below)
Sock Monkey Tie Onesie/Shirt

WINTER SALE Perry in vin rouge -velvet- --adjustable strap and ZIPPERED CLOSURE everyday purse--

oh so good (stationary and such made in canada)
Retro School Penmanship Thank You Cards (Set of 4)

cocktail napkin.

butterfly flower pattern victorian locket - antique brass

happy shopping!

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theRachel said...

I really love the down home Amy shop.