Monday, April 19, 2010

10 month milestone come and gone

when i was in ontario, i was asked many times how old ben was and i was always answering 9 months or 9 and a half months. then it occurred to me near the end of the trip that he was going to be 10 months already on that friday. wow. they say "time flies" but you can't know it until you experience the months and milestones flying by. milestones mastered this month? ben is doing well in his big boy carseat and sometimes his head doesn't completely flop to the side... we had tried pushing him to a 7pm bedtime and most days it works fine with a whiny finale, some days we wonder, "why did we want to do this again?", and once in awhile he's in such a good mood at dinner that he sits with us and we all eat together and it's the dinnertimes i'd imagined before he got here. i'm looking forward to more of the latter. ben weighed in today at 20lbs and measured 29 1/2 inches in height. he's been about 20 lbs for awhile so he must just be growing taller. ben's been pulling himself up on furniture for a little while now but he's travelling along the furniture at a much faster pace now. he loves to climb stairs and had lots of practice climbing from the basement to the kitchen in my aunt and uncle's place in ontario chasing their cat. he also learned to wave this month and waves at people when we say hi or bye or night night or when other people wave at him. it's fun.

but i haven't really been able to get a great picture of the two of us on the last couple months' birthdays and today i attempted to get a late one but ben was just mad that i wouldn't let him touch the camera.

and now that i want to post this post...i can't find my camera. and i want to go to bed. tomorrow...

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theRachel said...

Dear Ben,

I'm sorry for being an absentee aunty...but don't you worry - I'll be home to celebrate your one year!

Aunty Rachel