Saturday, April 24, 2010

how cute is this?

a DIY gift-wrapping kit. wouldn't this be a great present for someone who likes to give little gifts? i know someone like that and i'm totally making this! (and btw, this is totally one of my fav blogs)


corduroygirl said...

Just found your blog through clicking through other blogs. Had to stop and read because you had an owl on your background and I like owls. I may have to steal it!

I saw on your profile your favourite book is Kensuke's Kingdom. I read that to my son and we both loved it. It was a great book.

Like the photo on your Tupperware blog. I have a friend (Tupper Kenn) who sells Tupperware.

Hope I didn't creep you out, but had to say hi!

Bec Shulba said...

it's a small world seeing as i know Tupper Kenn. :) thanks for commenting. it's what this blog is here for.