Friday, April 30, 2010


our hot water tank kicked the bucket this past weekend. thankfully, it did so with a slow leak and not an explosion. we got ourselves a new one...for a hefty price tag. (did i mention we just got a new roof a few months ago as well? sigh.) but anyways, now our hot water is HOT! probably boiling. before we had gotten this tank, i was always complaining that our water wasn't hot enough. i'd have the hot turned all the way up in the shower and the cold all the way down and it still wasn't as hot a shower as i wanted. i figured our tenants were having long, hot showers and using up our water. i guess cold showers are a sign that your tank is going. now tim's got to go downstairs and turn down the temperature because this is craziness! at least we're immediately benefiting from our purchase.


theRachel said...

Yay for HOT water. Lukewarm showers are just such a disappointment.

Alyssa said...

This happened to me when my landlords in Edmonton got us a new tank. I was so used to the lukewarm water that I was always scalding myself. It never occurrd to me to turn the thing down:)

matt said...

thats crazy, so did mom and dads