Friday, April 16, 2010

the farm

whenever i'm at "the farm" whether it be my dad's parents' or my mom's, i take lots of pictures of big open spaces. i take pictures of the house. i take pictures of the road fading out into the horizon. it's always the same pictures and they're never very good. but this trip, as i took my usual photos, i realized that what i'm trying to capture is not just what the farm looks like...but what it feels like. i'm trying to capture the stillness. the quiet. the freshness. the peacefulness. and that is why i'm never satisfied with my pictures. and that is why one must experience it themselves to appreciate these photos. but if you're not planning on visiting southwestern ontario anytime soon, here are some pics.

the mann homestead

the macdonald homestead


ramblin'andie said...

Oh man. Your story about travelling/the car seat was awful! (apart from the little man sleeping so well on the flight - well done!) You are so brave!

I had to look up where Port Stanley is on Google Maps. Very close to St. Thomas - I have an aunt there. And the farmsteads look so much like the ones we visited when we visited Andrew's family last summer. Very pretty country.

theRachel said...

Ah, I hear you about "the feeling" of certain places. Although the circumstances around your trip back were not ideal, I'm glad you and Ben had another chance to spend time with your Ontario family.

ashlee said... posts! welcome home :)

rachel said...

I totally agree - the feel of the country is so refreshing. And I live there! Rural Saskatchewan is even more open - nothing but wheat from horizon to horizon. I've come to love that. (you should visit;)