Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oops moment

everyday has oops moments and these are mostly moments one doesn't exactly want to share. because people will laugh. at you. (or shake their heads and mutter, "this woman is a mother? poor kid...") and there's usually a moral to the story. but i'm always a fan of getting a laugh so here's yesterday's oops moment:

i was sitting in the living room trying to get ben dressed and i pulled him onto my lap to pull his pants on. as i was trying to pull his pants on (you know, like how we lay on the bed to try to pull up the skinny jeans), i leaned back and it turned into a roll all the way backwards. we tipped all the way back and then we sat up again. lots of giggles. and as a good mother does when she hears giggles: she does the same action again. we tipped backwards and as we did, ben threw up. well, spit up...but it was a lot. and since we were rolling backwards when he threw up, it went all over his face and my face. we sat back up startled. ben cried. i laughed and wiped up his face.

the moral of the story: don't roll your kid around when he's just drank a lot of water.


theRachel said...

Ha. Wow, that is quite the "oops." Too funny.

Ashlee said...

gross but funny :)

Jen said...

That's pretty hilarious! Thanks for sharing!