Friday, April 23, 2010


ben's favourite food is frozen blueberries chopped into halves thanks to a tip from andie on one of my food posts forever ago. ben went through a week or so not wanting to eat from a spoon so he only ate finger foods. and if he was only eating finger foods, it's so laborious for him to pick up each item and then aim to get it in his mouth that he wasn't eating a whole lot. and half the time he lost interest in what he was eating anyways...unless it was blueberries. he would (and still will) sit for any length of time if you keep putting blueberry chunks on his highchair tray. now, ben is back to eating with a spoon (sometimes) so that helps in the amount of food going in. but i recently got a book out of the library with tons of recipes for baby food in the blender and at this age, they add cottage cheese to many things. i tried blending blueberries and cottage cheese. huge hit. he just keeps opening his mouth. and at one point, i spilled a little on his tray and tried to get his mouth down onto the tray to lick it up. gotta love finding favourites!


Ashlee said...

somehow blueberries just look that much tastier cause ben's enjoying them so much :) he's so cute!

rachel said...

altho... one mom to another the diapers are not the prettiest after a day of blueberries. Still - go anti-oxidants!

theRachel said...

I also enjoy blueberries and cottage cheese, though I don't put them in the blender.