Friday, August 27, 2010

big foot

i'd heard about womens' feet never being the same post-pregnancy. i figured it was in their minds. i once danced in all night in these shoes at a friend's wedding nary a blister to be found. then i wore them to a wedding last august (two months after ben was born) and i could barely get from the church back to the car after the ceremony, let alone dance at the reception. i chalked it up to being much heavier than i'd been at that past wedding. my feet were just fatter.
at my brother's wedding, october '08, i wore another pair of black heels. the cutest, patent, peep toe heels that you ever did see. i bought them a little small because they were on clearance and the women beside me while i tried them on was lamenting that they weren't in her size because they're like, $200 shoes! hmm...a size too small? no problem. i wore them happily because they were cute.

today, i'm headed to a wedding. i didn't think to shop for new shoes because i have many a pair of black heels. i dug out my patent heels this morning and i can't even get my foot all the way inside them. are you serious? pregnancy making a mess of a woman's feet is for real? i've obviously been in denial for the last 14 months. thankfully the ones in the photo still "fit" (like i can get them on my feet) but it could be a rough night. i may be hitting up winners with my fingers crossed before heading to white rock. and if not? it will be dancing in bare feet tonight.

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Margaret said...

My sister had the same problem... had to buy all new shoes after her first pregnancy. She had big feet to begin with, so she was NOT happy to have to buy even bigger shoes. :( I am really hoping I'll find some magical home remedy before I become pregnant to keep my feet from growing.