Wednesday, August 18, 2010

heat hiatus

as you know if you live in the lower mainland or you may have guessed by my last gratitude sunday, it's been hot. abbotsford is hot. and i am a cold girl. by never complaining about the rain, i reserve the right to complain about the heat. yuck. after spending a few days in the mall and my inlaws' pool, i realized that if i picked up my parents' at the b-ham airport, i could take them back to their place and spend the night where it is much cooler. and not only is it always 5 degrees cooler in white rock, but my parents' house is wonderfully positioned that it seems to stay much cooler than the average house.

a plan was formed! i picked them up and took them home. ben had some time to play at grandma and grandpa's and i had a babysitter while i went to a tupperware party. then i came back to sleep in the cold, downstairs guest room. cold. like, who else (minus air conditioned people) was sleeping under two blankets and a duvet on monday night? love it!

the next day, we spent the majority of the day with my mom and then the afternoon with baby kainoa and ang. ben has really warmed up to kai since he was born. gave him kisses and tried to share his strawberries with him. he felt so comfortable around him that he didn't think much of spilling water on kai's head or poking him in the bellybutton about 20 times. kainoa may be the most easy going baby ever. thank goodness.

having had such a cool night the day before, i had tim come out to white rock and sleep over on tuesday night. it was a full house! when we woke up, i was happy to see clouds and feel the cooler weather though sad that i didn't bring anything warmer wear for either ben or myself. we made due and finally headed home around noon. it was nice to have a break from the heat. and now the forecast is looking a little cooler. phew. blogging will resume to normal as well.


Ashlee said...

haha...glad your back :)

Ashlee said...

i mean you're...haha (i hate spelling mistakes!)

theRachel said...

I was also wondering what happened to the blogging. Am glad you're back too :)

Anonymous said...

I understand about the heat. You would think my obsession with all things Hawaii would mean I love constant heat, but alas with the UK having one of it hottest summers ever, I am now so thankful the clouds have rolled in. I rather it be cold because its easier to warm oneself up. Harder to cool oneself down!