Tuesday, August 10, 2010

to do

sunday night, i went to bed thinking of a To Do list of things that i could do to occupy my time in the evenings this week. who needs to waste time watching reruns on tv? included in my list were things like fold laundry, blog, bake muffins, make some t-shirts for ben, etc. etc.

then i got an email from fvrl (our library system) telling me that my copies of Season 2 and Season 3 of Gilmore Girls was due on wednesday. i was only halfway through season2. now i've already explained myself here and of course, after investing in season 1, it only seemed right to continue on. sometimes i wish that most of the character plot lines were not there and that i could just fast-forward until rory/dean/jess plot lines appear but that would not be true to the show.

so monday and today's nap times and evenings have been spent watching non-stop episodes. last night i dreamed that was talking fast and giving sarcastic, witty comebacks to everything everyone said. i'm halfway through season 3. and yes, rachel, it has occurred to me to renew but the dvds are on hold. what i'm wondering is why all of a sudden i'm trying to return my library items on time?


Sharelle said...

I kept getting notices from FVRL, and then I finally returned.

Now I have a $20 fee. Thats definitely going to keep me from going back any time soon.

Worst part is - that was my FIRST borrow from them. Talk about starting of on a bad foot eh?


theRachel said...

Ah yes, it's always the kicker when you try to renew stuff and it's already reserved, hey? Return them! And if you really want to watch the rest, put them on hold again as soon as you return. The fees for DVDs are $1 per day here at EPL which is usually enough to get me to return things...books I sometimes let go a few days, b/c they're only 25 cents per day....

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca - this is Sally
yes... after reading your blog and checking in on your life I finally felt the need to comment when you wrote about Gilmore Girls. haha
to make life easier for you - or to feed a new addiction - I have all the seasons of GG if you want to borrow them - I won't be home til Aug. 28 - but after that...

Hanners said...

bmac, you're lucky to have a friend named Sally.

What's with the word verification back in action? i thought we got rid of that awhile ago... Seriously?

you know i live the Rory, Jess, Luke, and Lorelie scenes the best... and for now.