Wednesday, August 25, 2010

kid boasting

since i'm on a roll here with "great things that my kid does"'s one more before i move onto regular posting. this is what moms do. talk about how their kid is so cute and smart, right? (add this to the list of things i thought i would never do)

yesterday, ben was playing by himself on the carpet in our kitchen when he spotted a foil top from an applesauce folded up laying there. he picked it up, walked over to the garbage, opened the door, and threw it in. he then closed the door and went on playing.

love it! he's so cute and smart. heehee...

i told this to tim and he says, "hmm...i wonder what else ben has been throwing away...?"

now here's a kid to boast about - found this on one of my fav. blogs:

1 comment:

Matt said...

unbelieveable... It might be another year until ben can do that