Thursday, August 26, 2010

what's next?

it's hard to not always be looking to your child's next stage. when ben was laying like a bump on a log, i wished for him to roll. when he rolled, i wished for sitting. when sitting, crawling. crawling, walking. and i knew i shouldn't. but i did.

now that ben is walking and exploring, running and dancing, i just want to pause and appreciate how much i love this current stage. he's on the move at all times - never wanting to be in his stroller or grocery cart. we now go to the mall stroller-less and just wander very slowly and distractedly. but it's fun. he holds my finger tightly as we walk and smiles up at me. he points and "ooh-ooh"s at everything. he never tires of being in the backyard or at the park. we are having fun and i'm not in a rush to get to the next stage.

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