Friday, August 20, 2010

sunglasses make you look cool

ben loves sunglasses. no, ben loves ripping sunglasses off of peoples' faces. after he broke a pair of mine and i know to never give my new ones to him, i bought him a $3 pair at superstore. he thinks it's pretty funny when we put them on him but he immediately pulls them off his face. when he wants to put them on, they're either upside down or he pokes himself in eye with the arm. he's never worn them for more than 30 seconds. that doesn't stop us from putting them on him all the time. then, a couple days ago, we were getting in the grocery cart at superstore and i saw the glasses sitting on the floor in the car. i put them on him. and this was the day he wore them for at least 4 minutes straight - inside. where there is no sun. i think i laughed the entire time he was wearing them.
making sure the people walking behind us were looking at him in his sunglasses.

checking for expiry dates on the baby food.

then when we went to price mart, where we snagged the only CAR grocery cart, he wouldn't keep his glasses on. haha. but whoever invented this idea of having something special for a kid to sit in in the grocery cart? brilliant.
as for the glasses, i suspect they will be making repeat appearances here.


ramblin'andie said...

I LOVE the car shopping carts. Even when your children are old enough to walk around the store they're great for corralling hyper, tired, or bored children. love 'em.

Ben is adorable. I miss that age!

theRachel said...

I would laugh so hard if I saw this in person.

Megan said...

superstore & pricesmart on the same day. wow.

Anonymous said...

The sunglasses on Ben are great! I think if he was my kid I would keep putting the glasses back on him too! That reminds me of when my little sister Laura was his age and she had little sunglasses she put on. She used to move around like she was hot stuff when she wore them - so funny!

LaelDyck said...

i love it! he is adorable in those sunglasses!! i always kind of want to ride in the cool kid grocery carts. i really like the ones that are for kids a little older...they are miniture grocery carts! how fun is that!