Saturday, February 04, 2006

if only i was famous...

You know how on talkshows like Ellen or (back in the day) Rosie O'Donnell, they would comment about liking something or needing a solution for ________ (fill in the blank) and then hundreds of viewers would send in emails or calls or mail things to them to try to help? Or for example, I read something about the cartoonist who creates "For Better or For Worse" and she was saying she once drew a comic strip about Michael having sore thumbs from video games and she had people sending her special gloves and thumb covers etc etc. Well I wish that I could do that -- mention something and then have people respond with gifts. Here's what I would talk about:

(to have people send me solutions)

> a good face wash/moisturizer : my skin is both oily and dry -- this makes it very difficult to find a face wash and moisturizer that don't suck. i have not found either one to date.
> a pillow : i don't like them too flat or too soft or too hard or too fluffy. i don't want my head to sink too far into them but i don't want my head to tilt upwards because they're too stiff. i've tried the curved pillows and the pillows that have memory foam to shape to you. i still wake up with headaches from bad pillows.
> i always lose CDs : i don't know where or how this could possibly happen but i have loads of empty cases and memories of CDs i once owned and now do not which doesn't make any sense since i never really lend out CDs or anything. i need something to help me keep track of them besides just a case because apparently that's not working.

(to get free stuff)

> peeling knives with a curved blade -- i love it. i can't peel or cut anything without it. it's the only kitchen item that i have to hand wash instead of put in the dishwasher because i use it so often!
> complaints about Munchies (the snack) : there just aren't enough pretzels in those bags. this needs to change.

This is all I could think of at the moment. I asked Tim if he could think of anything for me and he stared at me for a couple minutes and then said, "Hairpins?" and I said, "What do you mean? Like the they're not good enough or I want more of them?" and he just looked at me blankly and replied, "I don't know." So no help there. I guess he just doesn't think as deeply as I do about such important issues.


Alyssa said...

you know, I have a pillow that is half goose down and half duck down... the duck down is much firmer and so the pillow is not too soft... both me and my mom who have lots of neck problems like them... and she's tried all the other pillows you have too... when you come to visit, you can try sleeping on it for a night or two and see if you like it.

Bonnie said...

Sam gave me a 50 cd size "Discgear"container for Christmas a couple of years ago.It stores up to 50 cds, without cases. There is an index and each cd is numbered, you slide a bar along the front, press a button, and hey-presto - up pops your selected cd. It also locks so I can toss it in the car when we take a trip. Of course, I need to put the cds back into the container after listening, but because it's very portable, I keep it beside my cd player. "discgear" was for sale in our mall at Christmas time in a kiosk, but likely available on the internet. Maybe this will help your cd problem?
Still really enjoying reading you blog - I read the other coments too!
love Bonnie