Sunday, October 15, 2006

the secret is out...

i've avoided blogging for the past week for one reason. the scrapbook. for those of you who had not heard, it was my mom's 50th this past thursday and i've been working on making this scrapbook for her with letters and pictures from lots of people from her past and present. but every night that's what i'd been working on and i just couldn't say anything about it on my blog. i was out of things to say. but it's out! the scrapbook has been given. happy birthday judy! she loved the book. it was all a success.

in other news, tim and i began our first family tradition: picking pumpkins on thanksgiving weekend. reminicent of pumpkin picking in cloverdale those days before the wedding. that was fun. imagine this is picture of tim and i. ha. (man, i miss my camera)

speaking of missing my camera, yesterday was hike number two of my hiking class. also to be noted: my first hike with sharelle - good times. we went to greendrop lake. so the hike started off with some wicked incline. we had good intentions to stay near the middle of the pack but we were quickly passed by basically the rest of the class. so it was sharelle, me and another girl on our own looking for orange tape marking the path and taking breaks when we felt like it. i have to say that one, it's more fun hiking with someone you know than not knowing, and two, it's more fun not having the pressure of people hiking close behind you. so it was going fine. we hit the first lake: lindeman lake. let me say that it is worth the steep hike to get to this first great lake. here are some found photos on the internet from wayne_n's (?) website in 2004 but look exactly like what we saw yesterday.

from this lake to the next laek (greendrop), was just slightly up and down which made it a fairly nice hike. what made it a bit more difficult was the rocks that we were constantly climbing over.

but we made it to the end which not everyone did. we were quite proud of ourselves. on the way back down, everyone left from greendrop at the same time so somehow we got caught up near the front of the pack that apparently never stops for breaks and practically runs down mountain. we got separated and as i was rushed along on the current, i slipped and turned my ankle. but i recovered instantly and kept going. then it happened a seond time. it hurt a little more but still almost instantaeous to the naked eye. and then the third time...i had to stop and let people pass me. augh. made it down the mountain. all good. until i got home and took off my sock only to find that my left ankle where that little bone sticks out? it's indistinguashable because the muscle around it is so swollen. shoot. so i'm hobbling around and annoyed at my foot. oh well -- hopefully it's ready to go by next weekend. hike #3 - elk mountain.

last night tim and i went out to north van and saw tim's friend jay. third from the left. have you ever been driving over the second narrows bridge and seen the sign for the marina grill lit up and pointing down to underneath the bridge? well i had and when jay mentioned going there for dinner, i was excited to see it. it was very nice. i had fish and chips and forced tim to eat his with a fork and not his hands which he was very annoyed at. ha. then we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. wow. great movie. i loved it. there's this part where the horn on the VW van is kind of stuck and it keeps giving this lame honking sound every so often and tim was in tears laughing. that's always funny to see in itself. and the running for the van? oh man.

then, last but most definitely not least: congratulations to liz and darian on the birth of their little baby boy. i've heard that his name is Kademon but i don't know if the spelling is correct or any other details. maybe she'll post a comment with the details? :) i'm sure there will be some photos to come in the near future. so very exciting for them!

tim left this morning for the week as he's off to salmon arm/revelstoke/kelowna/other places for the week for work. i'm not excited to be alone again but i'm sure there will be more regular blogging because of it. haha.


rachel s. said...

I (heart) Rebecca. She is exquisite.

yummy mummy said...

yep, he's here! caedmon george archibald kovacs. came in at 6'8. very cute, very fun. head to to see pics. he really rocks!

ang said...

I LOVED Little miss sunshine too!
I can totally see tim loving it. Great party by the way, and way to go on the scrap book, it was the best present ever.
Liz, your pictures are so sweet, he is adorable!

rachel s. said...

YAY for pics of Caedmon! What a the pic of him in the "big blue suit!" Also, Liz, you are the definition of yummy mummy...those pics of you - wowzers!

(sorry, Bec, for posting a comment more directed at Liz...but what can I do, she just had a baby?!)

Alyssa said...

Great post... I've been missing my updates but I'm so glad to hear that you got the scrapbook done and that your mom loved it. I've been dying to see little miss sunshine... but I don't know if it's even still playing here.

Liz, great pictures. What a beautiful baby boy!