Friday, November 05, 2010

bad mommy moment

last night, i actually remembered to brush ben's teeth. i usually hold him up to the sink, do the initial brush, and then let him chew on the toothbrush while he imitates the spitting noises that daddy makes. he loves to dip his toothbrush in and out of the water running from the tap. mid-brush last night, the phone began to ring. now that i wait expectantly each night for calls from vice principals to TOC the following day, i set ben down and ran to get the phone. it was not to TOC but it was someone calling in their credit card number for a Tupperware order. we chatted for a couple minutes. i probably wasn't gone for more than 2 minutes. when i returned to the bathroom, ben was opening up the toilet seat and fishing out his toothbrush. i guess he wanted some more water to dip his brush into! augh! who knows if he'd ever gotten that brush to his mouth or not before that moment but he sure wasn't happy that i threw his toothbrush away and then made him wash his hands again! note to self: don't leave an unattended toddler near a toilet.


theRachel said...

Uh oh. Yes, no good. Glad to hear that you threw the toothbrush away!

Ashlee said...

not a bad mommy moment - it's a creative toddler moment :) ben is resourseful!