Saturday, November 06, 2010

one of my many food quirks

i go through bagel stages. for awhile, i was getting them often at tim hortons. but what i don't like about bagels is that they're too bready. i know, weird. but i look at people who eat bagels without toasting and i get a terrible taste in my mouth just thinking about it. yuck. when i toast bagels, i toast the heck out of them. they need to be quite crunchy so that the breadiness on the inside isn't overpowering. at tim hortons, i ask for "double toasted" and they're usually not toasted enough. in fact, i once got a bagel "double toasted" with cream cheese and when i bit into it, it was all bread. yuck. so i went back to the counter and said politely, "i know this is crazy but i'd asked for this toasted twice and it barely tastes toasted at all. would i be able to get another one?" the girl was like, "are you serious?" i nodded, "yeah, sorry. i just can't eat it like this." (i've paid for it, i'm going to get it how i'd wanted...i also send back slightly warm fries for hot ones - tim hates it) the girl rolls her eyes at me and says, "we're going to have to throw this away." "yep." "there are people who are starving and you're asking me to throw away this bagel?" "yes, i am. i'm not going to mail my bagel to the starving people." she made me another one and i ate it guiltily. gee. service at time hortons - yikes!

where am i going with this post? bagels.

my favourite ceo, galen weston has done it again. he invented thin bagels. okay, maybe he didn't invent them but now, at superstore (or loblaws for all you eastern canadians), you can get bagels that are skinny. have they always been around and i've just never seen them? maybe. but i bought a package of them yesterday and they are the greatest! toast them up and they're the perfect amount of breadiness! i will never go back.


LaelDyck said...

i also MUST have my bagel toasted and I hate it bready. i can't believe the tim hortons girl, you should have complained to her supervisor about her bad attitude. that's ridiculous!!

Sharelle said...

i have just been discovering superstore with matt.

i've never lived near one, and now its all new to me. new versions of everything. it feels like America. I love it.

next time - thin bagels. yes.

theRachel said...

I heart Sharelle: "it feels like America."

Superstore definitely does a good job with bringing out new products. Sharelle, if you get weekly store flyers, keep your eyes open for one from Superstore that is more skinny magazine than flyer...I forget what they call it but I think it comes out in fall/winter and spring/summer and intros the new products. It actually reminds me of the Fearless flyer from Trader Joe's. I think they may also have copies of it in the store so that you don't miss out on anything new & exciting!

judymacd said...

I heart the Fearless Flyer!