Friday, November 19, 2010

christmas cd

every year i think that it would be great to make a christmas cd. i'm not a huge christmas music fan (except for amy grant's tennessee christmas, of course) but i think if i could just get a more consistent selection of good christmas music, i'd like it better. you know what i mean - you're at the mall and a great song like "Mary's Boy Child" by boney m. and then your christmas spirit is squashed with a christmas song by n'sync.

so i began my quest to create a great christmas cd. and here is my discovery: there are a lot of styles of christmas music that will not all work together in the same cd. there's the classic christmas carols, then there are christmas songs that we don't know. there's upbeat christmas and there is calm, sometimes mournful christmas. what i've discovered from listening to so many songs on itunes and grooveshark is that i like the classics. and i lean towards the mournful which i'm fighting against because christmas is not a mournful season. but so far, it's a fairly mellow selection. so here's a handful of songs that will be in my compilation:

baby, it's cold outside - with willie nelson & norah jones
what child is this - matt wertz
o holy night - avril lavigne & chantal kreviasuk (i know - but chantal's harmonies are awesome)
it came upon a midnight clear - sixpence none the richer (remember them?)

what would be in YOUR christmas compilation?


theRachel said...

I haven't even gotten out the Christmas music yet, or re-loaded my giant Christmas playlist onto the iPhone. However, with the snow in the forecast this weekend, I may have a better answer by tomorrow :)

Alyssa said...

Well, I usually just listen to Bing Crosby and A Charlie Brown Christmas over and over, but last year I downloaded the Elf soundtrack and love it. It's very upbeat, and of course it's got 'Baby it's cold outside', which I love.

Megan Thiessen said...

I have a mixed cd I made years ago & I made the first half the upbeat, fun style Christmas music & the second half more slow & classic. It's still my favourite Christmas cd years later, I find after a few fun songs I'm ready for the slow ones when they come on.:)

Hanners said...


can you send me a copy of your cd once its out?

do you still have the cd that raquel and i sent out with our christmas cards one year? i also need a copy of that one!