Thursday, November 04, 2010

Writer's Block

Yes - no posts for a week. I try not to do that so often but the last month or so seems to have some gaps. Most of my extra blogging time has gone to Tupperware this month and it has paid off as I moved up from being a consultant to being a Manager with my own team! Pretty fun. I just laugh at myself sometimes for being a Tupperware consultant because I would have NEVER thought I would do this, let alone enjoy and be pretty good at it. There's just too much potential to make money at this and when TOCing hasn't been really panning out for me as I'd imagined, we need that extra money. So yes - this is where I have been...just so you know. But since I'm here blogging about Tupperware, let me direct you over to my Tupperware blog to see the latest deal - good until this Friday. It's a smokin' good deal for anyone who is always throwing away rotten fruits and veggies from their fridge and freezer burnt meat and meals from their freezers. And for all you non-Tupperware peeps out there, regularly scheduled blogging will be back this week, i hope.

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Under His Wings said...

Congratulations on moving up in your company - that's impressive I think since you haven't been a consultant for very long. Of course - you are selling a great product, eh??