Tuesday, November 30, 2010

rookie mom stressors

things that stress out moms of one: your child's sleep/lack of sleep, your child being sick, and your child not eating. today i am the latter. ben is turning into the pickiest little non-eater i've ever met. i remember when i didn't have kids and i'd think judgemental things to myself like, "if you just feed the kid everything, he'll like everything." when i started feeding ben solids, i started with vegetables. you know how that went. in desperation to get him to eat, i quickly switched to fruit. and one day, of course, he started eating both. but then the food was supposed be getting more solid and he was "supposed" to be eating the same foods as us. we'd go to other peoples' houses and their kids would just be eating whatever came off the table but not ben. i wanted him to eat what we were eating but for some reason, i could not get my act together to have a meal ready by the time it was dinner for him. so at 5:00 - 5:30, i'd whip up some pasta or a scrambled egg etc. for ben's dinner. then when tim and i were eating at 6:30 - 7pm, ben would either already be in bed or be playing.

so let me tell you: i take all my judgemental, pre-baby thoughts back. (i often think this about many pre-baby thoughts) post-baby thoughts? i'm making this harder than it should be! i've gotten better at having dinner ready at 5:30pm (though it's taken me over a year) and yes, on the nights that tim and i eat delissio, i still make ben pasta or a pbj sandwich. but lately, when trying to just feed him what we're eating, he won't eat. and everyone says, "they won't starve". yeah, yeah, i know. but it doesn't make it easier to let them not eat dinner. :)

and that's the latest on ben these days.

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