Sunday, November 28, 2010

first snow

seeing as ben's first winter did not have any snow, this week was ben's first time outside in it! the afternoon of the snow day, tim, ben, and i drove to superstore, bought ben a proper snowsuit and a sled. in the store, we set him on the sled and pulled him around a little and he was keen. so we got him home, got him all dressed which was a feat of strength for sure, and got out into the cold. ben loved riding on the sled. he didn't move a muscle once we put him on there.
walking around the neighbourhood

ben and i at the top of the hill...

i was screaming so loud here but ben was all smiles.

tim and i took turns going down the sled with ben and he loved it. we're looking forward to the next snowfall.


theRachel said...

Such great shots! Looks like Ben is loving the snow.

LaelDyck said...

we didn't have any snow last winter? looks like you made some fun memories!